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Get Gold Difficulty Setting & Gulf of Mexico Level

Use the classic difficulty setting and finish the Pacific Ocean level.

Warp Speed setting

Successfully complete the Pacific Ocean level under the platinum difficulty setting.

Gold Difficulty for Mexico level

Successfully complete the Pacific Ocean level under the gold difficulty setting to unlock the platinum difficulty setting the gold difficu...

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Medium Super Move

Vexx can do a slower, more powerful version of his 3-hit combo. By pressing attack at a slower pace, and holding it on the last blow, Vexx does a moderately powerful uppercut that refills more of his special meter. Use R to use the super move at the right time.

Charged combo attack

When doing the three hit combo attack, you can sometimes hold Attack on the third attack and Vexx...

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Tarzan Untamed

Monkey Talk

Get Baby Gorilla Talk by beating the second bungee to get Baboon talk and beating Over the Edge.

Get Terk The Monkey

Finish the 3 terk challenges to unlock him.

Play as Jane

Finish the Terk challenges in world 1 to unlock Jane in the skiing and surfing challenges.

Play as Porter

Finish the Terk challenges in world 2 to unlock Porter in the skiing and surfing challenges

My Move ...

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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie

Staying in the Air Little Longer After Jumping

After jumping or double jumping,press the B button with any character to stay in the air barely longer.

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Second Sight

X-space ’92 Mini Game

On level 6, Madness, use a computer disk found in the level on a PC to play the X-Space ’92 mini game. Once this has been done, the game will be able to be accessed on the ‘Applications’ sub-menu when you pause game play.

Earth Impact Mini Game

On level 8, Reliance, go into the games room to find a fully-operational Earth Impact mini game...

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