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Zoids Versus 2

Get special zoids

To get the Blade Ligers, Gustav and Giga Gogulous you must defeat Battle Mode using the Van or Zoid characters. Beat mission mode with one side, then beat it with the other side. Also you can beat Battle Mode with someone from the Bit series to get Bit’s 3 Ligers.

Liger Zero Pheonix

Enter the configuration menu and play the following voices in order: 021, 001, 018, 006, 023.


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Urban Freestyle Soccer

More Weapons

For more weapons on the soccer fields: go to extras , then secrets then type in E06J3CT5.

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Tak And The Power Of Juju

Get All Yorbels

At the pause screen, press UP, Y, LEFT, B, RIGHT, X, DOWN, UP.

Unlock Concept Art

Collect all twelve plants to unlock the Concept Art, which can be found in the Extras menu.

Unlock Movies

Once you see a movie in-game, it will be available for viewing in the Extras menu.

Unlock Story Boards

To unlock the Story Boards, collect 200 yorbels.

Gain 100 Feathers

While playing any lev...

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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

Kill Dahlia or not?

In the level in Jeruselum when Lambert tells you to kill Dahlia Tal it is up to you wether you kill her or not. If you do there are three guard in the courtyard when you are escaping but if you don’t then there aren’t great!!…right. No, because if you don’t then Dahlia and three of her friends are in the windows sniping at you so as I say. It’s up to you.

Knocking out two gua...

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Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem

Hi-Tech Terror: Getting the red access card

When you need the access card so that Scooby and Shaggy can get through the mist. You must first three mists then go to one of the lockers. One should open and have the red access card inside. Then, go over to the controls so that you can get the robot. Take it over to the red access card door. The door should then open...

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