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X-Men Legends

X-treme Costumes

On the main menu press Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Down, Start.

Play As Beast

Successfully complete level 1.

Play As Colossus

Successfully complete the Nuclear Facility level.

Play As Cyclops

Defeat Mystique.

Play As Emma Frost

Locate Emma Frost in X Mansion after the Nuclear Facility level.

Play As Gambit

Successfully complete level 3.

Play As Ice Man

Successfully complete ...

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UEFA Euro 2004


To do tricks with the ball, rotate the Right Analog-stick while you have the ball. To do better tricks, do the same thing with R2 held.

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Super Puzzle Bobble All-Stars

Another World

Press Y, Left, Right, Y at the “Push Start button” screen. A message will appear in the top right corner of the screen to confirm correct code entry. Select puzzle mode and then arcade mode to access additional levels.

Secret characters

Press Y, Right, Left, Y at the “Push Start button” screen...

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Speed Kings

Cheat Codes

Put in the following codes for your name. Most of these have a period before them:

.meet6 – all 6 meets

.lapt18 – 18 best laps

.prix – GP mode finished

.test9 – all 9 driving tests finished

borkbork – unlock everything

.RESP54 – set respect points to 54 (Change 54 to the number you want)

Boost start

To do a boost-start you just hold X and A from where it shows the racers to when it s...

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Level select

Enter “TICKET TO RIDE” as a code.

All Bonus Characters

Enter HIGH SOCIETY as a code.

One Trick Juicebar

Enter FULLTANK as a code.

Perfect Balance

Enter FOCUSSED CHICKEN as a code.

All Tricks

Enter BAG OF TRICKS as a code.

Maximum Reputation

Enter COOL DUDE as a code.

All Skates And Clothes


All Fmv Sequences

Enter NOW PLAYING as a code.

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