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Unlock templar

Win the season mode (come first place in all races and have all objectives completed).

Unlock Items

At the name player screen (cheat screen), enter these codes for their effect. You will hear a sound if entered correctly.

Code – Effect

FREEPLAY – All Racing Levels

WIBBLE – All Tracks

UCANDO – O2 Liveried

Unlock Programming Message

At the name player screen, enter any of these co...

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Tube Slider

Alternate Vehicles

Win the bonus track race against the Spider under the normal or maximum difficulty setting. This unlocks an alternate version of the vehicle used to defeat the Spider.

Bonus Track

Win all the Maximum Class races to unlock a race against the Spider.

Unlock Maximum Mode

Complete the game in normal mode to unlock maximum mode.

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Super Mario Sunshine

Sunglasses and Hawaiian Shirt

Both of these items are given to you by the man wearing sunglasses. You can get the Sunglasses by obtaining 30 shines. You can get the Hawaiian Shirt after completing the game.

End Bonus

Successfully complete and save your game. Then you can pay 10 coins to use a boat near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at the start of the game.

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Soul Calibur II

Unlock Characters in Weapon Master Mode

Play through Weapon Master mode to unlock characters, modes and stages. As you beat a character in Weapon Master Mode, that character will be unlocked for use in other modes. Unlockable characters include:



Lizard Man

Seung Mena


Another Arcade Mode

Finish arcade mode using any character.

Get Arcade Version Opening Sequence


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Rocket Power: Beach Bandits

Level Select

Go to the options menu and choose “Cheats”. Answer the series of seven questions with the following to unlock all levels:

1. Squid

2. Conroy

3. Tito Makani

4. Maurice

5. Ocean Shores

6. Otto

7. Eddie:Prince of the Netherworld

Play as Pi

Collect 20 Gold Coins to unlock Pi.

Play as Spurtz

Collect 30 Gold Coins to unlock Spurtz, Pi’s friend.

Play as Lars

Collect 40 Gold Coins to unlo...

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