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WWE Wrestlemania X8

Counter Your Opponents Special Move

Press L and R together.

Counter Strike

To Counter Strike press R.

Counter Grapples

To Counter Grapples press L.

Standard Strikes

To perform Standard Strikes press B.

Hidden Arenas

Orginal SmackDown! Arena:Win the WWE Undisputed Championship with The rock. Wrestlemania X7 Arena-in Exhibition,use all arenas once...

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TransWorld Surf: Next Wave

Bonus Characters

Start a new pro tour and enter SCHRALP as your career nameto unlock a sea creature, Neptune, Lobsterman, and Junior Tupa.

Miss Reef Girl

Successfully complete Pro Tour mode as Tim Curran.

Unlock Clive “Spiffy” Razman

Complete Pro Tour mode as Taj Burrow.

Unlock Junior Tupa

Complete Pro Tour mode as Shawn Barron.

Unlock Mr. Soul

Complete Pro Tour mode as Shane Dorian.

Unlock ...

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Summoner: A Goddess Reborn

Hidden items

In Miridan’s Pass, you may encounter some “pirates” that shout “Run away!”. Follow them and they will lead you to a cave just behind the cute creature where some nice items are located.

Arrow heads

In an optional quest, you have to find arrow heads in Hopiris. As soon as you get off the talking boat, turn to your right. They are at the foot of the first pillar.

The White Lady sta...

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Sonic Heroes

Unlock New 2P Modes

2P Action Race Unlocked from start

2P Bobsled Race Collect 80 emblems

2P Expert Race Collect 120 emblems

2P Quick Race Collect 100 emblems

2P Ring Race Collect 60 emblems

2P Special Stage Collect 40 emblems

2P Team Battle Collect 20 emblems

Metal Sheen

Hold A and Y after selecting a 2-player level to have a “metallic” skin covering over your team.

Unlockable: Last Story


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Exit the RIOT mode

If you are getting beat up by the swarm of cops that come out in full RIOT, go to the garage and park. The RIOT will be turned off. To save your progress, you will have to pull into the garage again.

Other towns

When you progress enough, you will be taken to another city by following the “M” on the map. You can actually go back to the previous city at anytime...

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