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WWE Day Of Reckoning

Play As A Train

You must hold all title belts for this cheat to work. At the Create-A Wrestler screen enter the name: Baldo Bloom.

Extra Money

Successfully complete tutorial mode to win either $6,000 or $9,000 to use in the ShopZone.

Wrestle As Bret Hart

Finish the season by winning your match at WMXX to unlock Bret Hart.

The Undertaker’s Motorcycle And Stone Cold Buggy

Successfully complete t...

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Top Gun: Combat Zones

Cheat Mode

Enter SHPONGLE as a name to unlock all aircraft and levels. Note: The effects of the code will be disabled if the game is saved.


On all levels that contain multiple aircraft bogies, the best solution is to wipe out all aircraft by flying low to the ground, then pulling up on the stick to get a missile lock to destroy them...

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Sum of All Fears, The

Quick Mission Mode

Successfully complete campaign mode under any difficulty setting.

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Sonic Adventure DX

Unlock GameGear Games

Get a Sonic emblem or finish ten missions. The ‘minigame’ option will be added to the main menu.

Chao flying

To help your chao fly, give it a bird.

Chao Running

To help your chao run, give it a deer animal, a rabbit or a wallaby.

Chao strength

To increase your chao’s strength, give it any of the following animals: elephant, gorilla, lion.

Chao swimming

To improve your ch...

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Ribbit King

Pan-pan And Black Alien

Defeat Picwick for first time to unlock Pan-Pan and the Black Alien in versus mode.


After Pan-Pan frolf against and defeat Lunk to unlock him in versus mode.


Defeat Lunk then go back to Ribbittron and defeat Pappy to unlock him in versus mode.

Sir Waddlesworth

Defeat Pappy to frolf against Sir Waddlesworth. Win the match to unlock him in versus mode.


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