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Worms 3D


In levels where there are objects floating in the air, if you teleport onto them sideways, there is a chance that you will actually teleport inside the object. This is especially true for the green air ships.

Level Generator

Not only can you type in numbers to generate levels, but you can also type in words and it will convert it for you.

Mad Cows

Complete all three shotgun challe...

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

All FMVs

Enter POPCORN as a cheat code.

Unlock features

To unlock the different features, complete all goals and get gold medals in all three competitions in career with a different skater each time. Do this the indicated amount of times for the different features.

1 time: Play as Darth Maul

2 times: Play as Wolverine

3 times: Play as Officer Dick

5 times: Play as Private Carrera

6 times: Burns...

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Battle droid in multiplayer mode in the geonosis academy

Put in the password rogerroger.

Player 3 Bonus Objectives

Put in the password yub yub.

Unlimited Ammo

Put in the password chosen1.

All multiplayer levels

Put in the password fragfiesta.

Developer Pics

Put in the password saycheese.

All Game movies

Put in the password cinema.

Unlock Padme

To unlock Padme for the Geonosis level, en...

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Smashing Drive

Rush Hour shift

Successfully complete the Early Bird shift.

Night Owl shift

Successfully complete the Rush Hour shift.

Dusk And Wired shift

Successfully complete the Night Owl shift.

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Resident Evil 2

Play as Hunk

Complete both of either character’s scenarios with an “A” rank.

Play as Tofu

Complete both of either character’s scenarios with an “A” rank, and Hunk’s scenario with any rank.

Unlimited ammunition

Begin game play then press Start to display the options screen. Select the “Button Config.” option. Highlight “Aim” then hold R and press Z(10)...

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