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WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Game$

Play any Mini-game

Get a rose from all the mini-games in practice mode to unlock the final single player mode door. Use the final door to play any mini-game again.

Sound Test

Go through every multi-player mode to unlock the ‘Sound Test’ selection at the options menu.

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Thing, The

Unlimited Flares

Highlight ‘Flare’, enable it, but do not throw it down. When it is low, press Left or Right and highlight another object. Then, highlight ‘Flare’ again. It will have restarted and you will not lose another one.

Blood Test Kits

Save Blood Test Kits for showing your team that you are not infected to gain trust...

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Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet

Getting Cheats

Purchase tokens in the center of Thorntail for 20 scarabs. Now take the tokens to the maze guarded by the huge Stone Guard above the waterfall. Look for the well and throw the token in with the c stick. Go to the main menu and to options to see the cheat you unlocked.


To give yourself an added bonus to your mission status, collect golden CheatTokens...

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Shrek Extra Large

Crossing the bridge

Get the red pepper when you are in the mine in ‘The Enchanted Forest level. When you get the red pepper, go in the river, fart, and blow up the fart near the large brown tree. Be careful — stay out the ground’s shadow or you will bump your head. Kick or punch the tree to make a bridge. Make the kids follow you across the tree, and put them in the gingerbread house.

Finding th...

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Rally Fusion: Race of Champions

Hard turns

When you are racing, there are three types of turns: easy, medium, and hard. To make the hard turns easier, press Brake before you actually turn to powerslide around it.

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