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Wario World

Unlock Selected 1: Dodge Balls

At Greenhorn Ruins get all 8 treasures.

Unlock Selected 2: UFO Assist

At Wonky Circus get all 8 treasures.

Unlock Selected 3: Jumpin Rope

At Beanstalk Way get all 8 treasures.

Unlock Selected 4: Munch A Bunch

At Pecan Sands get all 8 treasures.

Unlock Trial Version 1: Wario Whirled

At Greenhorn Forrest get all 8 treasures.

Unlock Trial Version 2: Heads Up


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Tetris Worlds

Easy ranks

In story mode you can only gain one rank per game. Once you go up one rank (usually after reaching the goal within two minutes for a second time) just top out, watch the scenery change, and start again to gain another rank.

Indefinite Flips

When a piece reaches the bottom, you can turn it indefinitely, giving you more time to think.

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SSX Tricky

Pipedream course

Win a medal on all Showoff courses.

Untracked course

Win a medal on all Race courses.

Uber – boards

Unlock all of the tricks for a character to get their uberboard, which is their best board.

Code for master

Press A, B, A, X, Y, Up, Down, Up, Down at the title screen. You will hear a sound if entered correctly.

Get Untracked Course

Get a medal on all race courses.


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Shrek 2

Defeating Rats

When fighting rats the characters to use are Fiona with her spin attack, Little Red with her spin attack, or with Gingerbread Man with the candy cane that hits all the enemies within range.

Unlock Pussinboots

Defeat Pussinboots in the fourth stage to unlock him.

Mission with transformed people into rats

When you do the mission where the people are turned into three rats, use Lil’...

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R: Racing Evolution

Easy Money

After you defeat Nelly in a drag race in event challenge mode, you will get his Mazda RX-7. Keep repeating that race, and when you win you will get over 100,000+ RP every time. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy Car Unlocking

While playing Racing Life, an easy way to get new cars without buying them is to go back into races where you can choose cars...

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