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Viewtiful Joe

Unlock Joe’s girlfriend

Complete the game in adult mode to unlock Joe’s Girlfriend, and Viewtiful World Video.

Viewtiful World Video

Complete the game in Kid’s mode to unlock the Viewtiful World video.

Cheat Codes

First you must go to the game folder and find the file named nwn.ini Now open this file in Notepad and go to the Game Options section, and add the following:

Debug Mode=1

If you are ...

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Taz Wanted

All mini-games

Enter “?BN” to unlock all the mini-games.


Collect all 100 sandwiches in a level to unlock a mini-game at the main hub. Use the blue phone booth with a propeller in front of the level with the completed sandwich to access its mini-game.

Defeating Gossamer

When you have collected all the contraptions in Yosemite Zoo, you will enter the Elephant Pong mini-game...

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SpongeBob: The Battle for Bikini Bottom

Sponge Bob’s Long Jump

First press A and when you are falling press A again. Press B to stop.

Golden Underwear

Look hard for this because it gives you another layer. They are mostly in Bikini Bottom. (1 is on the Police Headquaters’ roof.)

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Secret Weapons Over Normandy

Unlock X-Wing and TIE Fighter

To unlock the X-wing and Tie Fighter in Instant Action Mode, beat all 15 missions and all 22 challenge missions.

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Preview Disc

Billy Hatcher: Play Second Mission

To play the second mission of Billy Hatcher, press and hold A at the title screen, then hit Start

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