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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Bruce Lee Classical Moves

This will be fun if you have time and want to mess around with Mr. Lee. When facing a single opponent, use cinema moves like the Dragon Punch and send them flying for a nice classical Bruce Lee move! Try this, use Fast Punches or Fast Kicks, then when he/she is on the ground use the Power Drive and there goes another classical Bruce Lee finisher...

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FIFA 2004

Easy win

Choose a side to play on. Then, during gameplay, press Start and choose ‘Select Sides’. Move your controller under the opponent’s side and resume gameplay. Then, score as many goals as desired (while under the opponent’s side), then just switch back to your side again. This way you will have a big point lead, depending on how many goals you scored...

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LMA Manager 2003

Code notes

The game’s codes are matched to the unique user ID of each game, which will vary. The following codes will only work with games that have the same user ID. To get a new user ID, keep starting a new game.

Start with

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NFL Fever 2002

Unlock All

As your Profile Name, enter ‘BROADWAY’.

Demo Mode

When the Title Screen reads Press Start Button, hold L + R + Black + White.

Unlock Warcows

Complete the Basic-Advanced Training Sessions.

Unlock the Commandos

Defeat the Commandos in Fantasy Challenge Mode to unlock them for Single Game Mode.

Unlock the Crocs

Defeat the Crocs in Fantasy Challenge Mode to unlock them in Single Gam...

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Shenmue II

Saturn Shenmue

Beat the game and let the credits run. Save your game, and now select the new ‘Classified Images’ option. This will start FMV showing Shenmue as it was under development for the Sega Saturn.

Get Reo Hazuky’s gun

This cheat will include alot of work but is well worth it. The object of this cheat is to get Reo Hazuky’s gun. To do this you have to do the following...

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