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Capt’n Crush Ray Sets Three New Golf World Records With CopperJoint Sleeve


ELKHART, Ind. — CopperJoint sponsored professional golfer Lynn “Capt’n Crush” Ray set three world records recently while using the company’s innovative copper elbow sleeve...

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Why Automobiles Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Saving Money on Refrigerated Vans

In today’s world, food service is more important than ever before. Every day, people across the country buy food from small businesses. As you may imagine, trends are constantly emerging in the world of food service. The value of convenience is absolutely undeniable. People are incredibly busy...

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Learning The Secrets About Sports

Tips on How to Maintain Artificial Turf for Sports and Athletics

Taking care of artificial turf is an important part of owning synthetic carpet. You need to maintain your grass in good condition to keep in condition for use by sports people and athletes.

Fortunately, most turf manufacturers sell their artificial grass with guidelines on how to carry out regular maintenance practices on the law...

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The Key Elements of Great Products

The Role of Sports & Athletics in Our Society

Sports and athletics are not a preserve of a single age group and neither are they for a particular gender. Women are nowadays as much involved as men, and so are kids and adults...

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A Beginners Guide To Athletics

Advantages of Using Synthetic Turf in Sports Fields

Artificial grass is a great alternative for natural grass, and its market is currently on the rise. For decades now, synthetic turf has replaced natural turf in athletic fields across the globe from Olympic stadiums and expert leagues to school sports field...

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