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Breath Of Fire

Getting The Rod5

With the Sphere, you can also reach Tunlan. Fall down a pit to the left of the vault in the princess’s house, then search the box to find the Rod5. This is used to fish at the wells.

Getting The Tri-Rang

The Tri-Rang can be found behind Pagoda after Nina learns how to fly, and before Pagoda has been activated. Search directly behind the twin towers of Pagoda to find it.


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Fifa International Soccer

Dream Team

On the Option screen press A, A, B, B, Y, Y, X, X.

Super Kick

On the Option screen press B, A, and then B eight times.

Super Offense

On the Option screen press R five times, L, R.

Super Defense

On the Option screen press L five times, R, L.

Super Goalie

On the Option screen press A five times, Y five times.

Invisible Walls

On the Option screen press Y three times, X, A three times...

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Lufia 2


Go to config click misc hit left than right if done right you’ll see your items than go left,up,right,down,right,up, left,down than go to the main screen wher you can look at items ect. if the charcters at level 0 go save come back in and you’ll be in max level. note:it make it slower because it has a huge memory. Note:It mave Vary effects on the charccter exsample you might have a 999 atc...

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Street Combat

50 continues

Select the option mode selection on the title screen press Start. Highlight the “Credit” option and press Select(10).

Hidden Characters

Highlight the two player option on the title screen. Hold L + R and press Start. A new character selection screen will appear.

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Restart Level

Pause game play and press L + R.

Level Select

Enter LVDYK as a password and return to the title screen.

Highlight the one player option, hold Left + L + R and press Start. Press X, A, L, and R to select a level, and Start to begin game play.

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