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Guitar Modes

To enable the guitar modes, enter the following commands at the Mode Select screen.

Note: R – Red, G – Green, B – Blue, P – Pick

Fast Flow: R, G, B, P, P

Super Fast Flow: R, G, B, P, P, R, G, B, P, P

Hidden: R, B, G, B, R, G

Blank Screen: R, B, G, B, R, G, R, B, G, B, R, G

Random: B, G, G, R, G, P

Hidden Modes

Hit the following drum sequences to activate the following modes:


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Freestyle Street Soccer


In Mainmenu go to ”Extras” than ”Codes” and you can type in the passwords. If correct, it will confirm at the bottom of the screen.

Password – Effect

GM2OPEN8 – All Gamemodes

A11T3AM5 – All Teams

MAXSKILL – Max. Skills

Z26BEXW8 – Micro Soccer

E06J3CT5 – New Object in Inventory

SPEEDY01 – Unlimited Turbo

5Y104D9A – Unlock Streetballerteam

WIMP_A.1 – Weak Opponents

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Hitman: Contracts

Unlock All Levels

Enter the following code at the main menu: X, Triangle, Circle, Left, Up, Right, L2, R2.

Mini Gun

The mini gun is held by a patient who is behind the locked doors of a basement room in Mission 1: Asylum Aftermath. The keycard that unlocks the doors can be found during Mission 9: The Wang Fou Incident. It is called Orthmeyer

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LMA Manager 2002

More money

Enter MINTED as a name.

Auto-select tactics

Enter NO BRAINER as a name.

90% skill

Enter AWESOME as a name.

Run fast

Enter HYPERACTIVE as a name.

Win every game

Enter RUN OF FORM as a name.

Buy any player

Enter FANTASY as a name.

Fast stadium construction

Enter QUICK DRY as a name.

Quick healing

Enter HEALING HANDS as a name.

Blind referee

Enter MUST BE BLIND as a name.

Always ...

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MVP Baseball 2003

Easy Homers

Go to the Main Menu then go to Rosters and create a player with the name “Erik Kiss” . He will hit a ton of homers. Also for some more broken bats name a player Keegn Patersn, Jacob Patersn, or Ziggy Patersn.

Get Widescreen Format

Hold R2+L2 for several seconds then press Left to change to widescreen. Press Right for normal

Fenway Homeruns

Use your big hitter in Fenway and ho...

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