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Grand Tour Racing ’98

Hidden track

Beat the first two Scotland tracks to unlock Scotland 3. Start a race on Scotland 3. When you near the end of the first lap, you will enter the forest section of the track. Look up in the trees on the right side of the track. You will see a glowing object. Drive your car up in the trees and run over the object. This will warp you to a hidden track.

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Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

Hidden Characters

These codes work in all modes expect in Street Puzzle Mode. Enter the these codes at the Player Select Screen.

Play as Akuma

Player One: Put the cursor on Morrigan, press and hold select. While holding select, press Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Circle.

Player Two: Put the cursor on Felicia, Press and hold select...

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K-1 Revenge

Play as Animal

Go to 1-player mode,highlight “STAN THE MAN” then press L1 and START.

Audio Sounds

At press start screen press and hold L1, R1, L2, R2, Down, and select.

Different Outfits

Highlight any character and press L1 or L2 to get a different outfits.

Hidden Characters

To play as Master Ishii and James Harrison simply beat the one player mode with any character...

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Mickey’s Wild Adventure

Level 1: Secret area

In the first level, just before the boss, fall with the last box slightly, then leap to the right. As well as allowing you skipping the Boss battle, there are items here.

Mad Doctor: Mad Doctor Mickey

In the Mad Doctor level, on the elevator section, when the elevator lets you out, step off it then step back on. It will take you to a secret area.

More lives

On Wharf when yo...

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NFL Gameday ’98

Steal the Ball from the Quarterback

In two-player mode, run up to the quarterback after the hike and press SQUARE. If done correctly, the QB should hand off the ball to you.

Hidden Teams

If you are the first player, press UP to pick a Super Bowl team. If you want an All-star team, push UP again at the player selection screen and scroll through by pushing L1 and L2.

If you are second player push...

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