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Urbz: Sims in the City, The

Club Xzzle Password

Go to Club Xzzle ask to enter, type “bucket” and the doorman will let you in. Also you only need to type it once and he’ll let you in every time with no hassle.

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Super Mario 64 DS

Different speeds in Tick Tock Clock

Jump in the clock on 3 and it will be slow. Jump in the clock on 6 and it will be medium speed. Jump in on 9, and it will be fast.

Easy health replenish

If you are low on health, just find a body of water and jump in. Stay at the surface and your health meter will refill.

Instant Water Rise in Wet Dry World

To vary the water level in Wet Dry World, jump in th...

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Metroid Prime: Hunters

Hidden Trailer

Complete the single-player missions in First Hunt and get a high score in each. The trailer will be at the title screen by pressing a flashing dot.

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Feel the Magic: XY/XX

Hell Mode

To unlock Hell mode, beat Story mode on the Hard difficulty.

Unlock Hard Mode

Beat the game on Normal Mode.

Chao hairstyle/NiGHTS Wig/Sonic Wig/Ulala hairstyles

Beat hell mode.

Chao hairstyle

Have Sonic Advance 3 inserted into the GBA slot.


Start Feel the Magic with either Chu Chu Rocket or Sonic Pinball Party in the GBA Slot.

Sonic Wig Start

Feel the Magic with either S...

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