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Duke Nukem 64

Entering the L.A.R.D. police station

Locate the tunnel in the Freeway level. There is a large box on one side of the tunnel. Jump on top of the box, and from there jump on to the ledge. On the far side of the ledge there is a pair of night vision goggles. Jump a little bit above the goggles to enter the vents of the L.A.R.D. Police station...

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Mr. Potato Head Token

Name the Moneybag token to Potato

Gold Token

Rename a token to Aurum

Control View

Rename a token to Wander. Now you can press Z during game play to show the assets screen. Now press C-Up and you can press A or B to zoom in or out.

Expert mode

Rename any token to “Ace” to make the game more difficult. You will always land on owned property and lose more money.

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Zenith Cup

Enter “ZDPEAK” as a password.

Diamond Cup

Enter “ROCKYY” as a password.

Chrystal Cup

Enter “GLASSX” as a password.

Scorpion car

Enter “DESERT” as a password.

Panther car

Enter “MYSTER” as a password.

Master Modus

Enter “XPERTS” as a password.

Cobra car

Enter “RATTLE” as a password.

Cheetah car

Enter “RUNNER” as a password.

All cars

Enter “ALLVID” as a password.

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Army Men : Sarges Heroes 2

Level passwords

02 – Bridge – FLLNGDWN

03 – Fridge – GTMLK

04 – Freezer – CHLLBB

05 – Inside – Wall – CLSNGN

06 – Graveyard – DGTHS

07 – Castle – FRNKNSTN

08 – Tan – Base – BDBZ

09 – Revenge – LBBCK

10 – Desk – DSKJB

11 – Bed – GTSLP

12 – Blue – Town – SMLLVLL

13 – Cashier – CHRGT

14 – Train – NTBRT

15 – Rockets – RDGLR

16 – Pool – Table – FSTNLS

17 – Pinball – Table – WHSWZRD

Tin Foil Uniform


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Harvest Moon

Hidden blue apple

Do this in the spring. Go to the small pond by the fisherman’s tent and fish. Catch any fish and then throw it into the pond. A water imp will come up and give you a blue apple, which supposedly allows you to work on a rainy day without getting tired. Note: This trick will not work in the winter due to the fact that the pond is frozen at that time.

Blue Berry

First of all you ...

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