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Adobe Illustrator

Alternate titles and programmer pictures

Note: This trick requires Adobe Illustrator v6.0. Start the program and select the “About Adobe Illustrator” option from the Apple menu. Then, click on the Adobe logo in the splash screen.

Programmer name anagrams

Note: This trick requires Adobe Illustrator v7.0. Hold [Option] and click on the Venus graphic that appears above the toolbox.

Debug screen

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Dirt Bike

Begin at any point on track

Hold [Shift] + [Option] and click on a track position before the race begins. Note: This will start the race at “-1″ laps.

Turbo boost

Quickly shift into first gear when the bike is in mid-air while the front wheel is higher than the rear wheel. Keep the throttle up as the bike returns to the ground. Note: The rear wheel must hit the ground first for the boost.

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Mario’s Game Gallery

Checkers Hints

When choosing your pieces in Checkers, choose the Yoshis in order to have the first move. In Checkers, you can press the space bar to force Mario to interrupt his thought processes and force him to make his move.

Go Fish Hint

In Go Fish, make note of the kinds of cards Mario asks you for...

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God view

When your playing the game type in the letter G O D

for the god view.


Hold down the option key while pressing play to choose your sub matrix to start on

Full map

Type in Go to enter God mode. This allows you to have a full

map of the level. Type Go in again to exit this mode.

Infinite lives

To get infinite lives hold down COMMAND, CONTROL and THE KEY


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Bedlam 2

Bonus items and features

Type Godlives at the title screen.

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