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Atari Anniversary Edition

Centipede: Scorpions

In levels 4 and higher, scorpions start appearing. Eliminate them quickly or they will poison the mushrooms. When the centipede touches them, it will start to dive down to the ground — get out of the way.

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Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates

Level Select

Pick and choose Clayton’s adventures with this powerful level select code. On the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, A Button, Left, Right and B Button. Press Start, then select the game’s credits and let them run to the end. After the last credit rolls, the game will begin in a farm setting that is filled with ladders. Each ladder leads to a different level warp.

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High Heat Major League Baseball 2002

Hidden pitches

When pitching you are normally only able to choose from a “fastball” and a “split”. Hold Left, then rotate the D-pad clockwise and press B to unlock the rest of the pitches.

Choose your hit

When batting, there are five ways to hit the baseball.

Grounder: Press Down + B.

Homerun (sometimes): Press Up + B.

Left Field: Press Left + B.

Right Field: Press Right + B.

Random Hit: Press ...

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Medal of Honor: Underground

Level Passwords

Code – Result

SQUAME – Level 2

REVOLER – Level 3

FAUCON – Level 4

UNANIME – Level 5

ROULIS – Level 6

RELAVER – Level 7

POUSSIN – Level 8

PANOPLIE – Level 9

NIMBER – Level 10

NIAIS – Level 11

KARMA – Level 12

INCISER – Level 13

GADOUE – Level 14

FUSETTE – Level 15

EXCUSER – Level 16

ENRICHIR – Level 17

God Mode

Enter MODEDEDIEU at the password screen.

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Road Rash Jailbreak

Cheat Mode

Enter ALAKAZAMM as a password.

Tiny at level 4

Enter WHEEL as a password.

Lulu at level 4

Enter QUICKEN as a password.

All characters at level 4

Enter FLUSH as a password.

All tracks

Enter HAZARD as a password.

Play as Fat Hoagie

Enter HEADACHE as a password.

Play as Hurl

Enter STRIDER as a password.

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