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Solomon’s Club

Key to Every Level

At the Title screen, before Start and Password appears, press A, B, A, B, B, A, Up.

Level Passwords

1-2 CVJB 8888

1-3 GVJD 8888

1-4 RVJH 8888

1-5 XVJS 8888

1-6 XVJY 8888

1-7 8VBY 8888

1-8 CYDY 8888

1-9 MYHY 8888

1-10 TYSY 8888

2-1 TZ_ _ 8888

2-2 QZVJ B888

2-3 OZVJ D888

2-4 8ZVJ H888

2-5 ?ZVJ S888

2-6 ?ZVJ Y888

2-7 CZVB Y888

2-8 QZYD Y888

2-9 4ZYH Y888

2-10 KZYS Y888

3-1 KZ_ _ ...

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Babe And Friends

Level passwords

Level Password
2 B0B
3 RN6
4 G5M
5 RM1
6 N6W
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Gremlins 2


Level Password

4-2 VLBB

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Adventure world with 13 lives

On the password screen, enter: C,D,Z,Z,N,D,J,C.

Unlimited Lives

Password: BBBBBBBD

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Feed a pet that hatched from a black egg only carrots. The pet will transform into Mimitchi after turning six.

Raise a Dog

To raise a dog, feed your pet bread. When it turns six it will morph into a dog!

Secret Mode

With an Adult Tamagotchi, win ANY tournament. You will get a symbol above your tamagotchi’s picture on it’s stats screen. Now, go to the options menu...

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