Stuck on a game? Need some Cheats?

If you’re an evil and unfair gamer and want a few extra ammo or lives to survive until the next level, this free for use hints database can come to the rescue.

Here you can download games of different genres for your computer or mobile device on the Android platform, as well as play them online directly in your browser, no download. Over the years of existence of the site we have a large collection of casual games for leading Russian and foreign developers, who will easily be able to play a person of any age. These games are very easy to operate, does not require powerful computer hardware and the mastery of any skills or knowledge.

Game genres are quite varied – from “racing” and “shooters” to complex logic games and quests, the passage of which leave sometimes long days. We tried to make the games convenient for you, therefore, have divided the website into two sections – a downloadable and online games that everyone can choose the most suitable option. Play at home and at work, on vacation and in the company, alone or with friends – as long as you lots of good mood!

Adventure game (Adventure) game with a full-fledged literary story, and the player in the game itself reveals all the twists and turns of this story.

Action (Action) game, consisting mostly of action scenes, fights and shootings. The militants are divided into:
“shooters” (from the English. shoot — shoot) (example: Counter-Strike, game series Call of Duty and Battlefield);
“fighting” (from the English. fight — fight) (example: Mortal Kombat , Shadow Fight);
“horror” (examples: game series F. E. A. R., Silent Hill, Resident Evil);
“stealth” (from the English. stealth — stealthy) (example: series of games Hitman, Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell).

Role-playing game (RPG eng. Role Playing Game) game, the distinctive feature of which is the presence of characters certain skills and characteristics that one can attain, and subsequently to develop by performing any action. To this genre belong the multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) which, unlike single-player, have no ultimate goal, no finished story. Examples: The Elder Scrolls (series), Gothic (series).

Strategy game (Strategy) — the game-the management of large-scale processes, such as building cities, doing business, the command of the army, etc. the gameplay is both real-time (RTS — real time strategy) and step mode (TBS — turn based strategy).

Computer simulation (Simulator) game, which imitates any area of real life, for example, simulation control race car or airplane.

Puzzle (Puzzle) — game, completely or more than half consisting of solving various logical tasks and puzzles.

Educational game — a game that includes elements of training programs that are served through the gameplay and, thanks to the increase of interest in connection with an unusual entourage, subsequently well-remembered.

Fun game, designed mainly for children where the psychological impression of what is happening on the screen is much more important than the game — for example, the type of bursting bubbles.

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